High performance waxes
for industrial applications

High performance wax selection, to achieve the best results, through a new vision of innovative solutions.

Tailored formulations for industrial applications
Thanks to decades of experience we have developed waxes in easy-to-use physical forms, which will allow you to reduce production times, optimize cost / efficiency relation and reduce processing waste.

Our extensive catalog of waxes in slabs, pearls, micro-pearls, flakes and water-based emulsions, allows us to satisfy any request from our customers.

Technical-regulatory dossier
Boath the basic products and the specific products are supported by complete technical and regulatory dossiers, to help our customers make the best choice from a process and from an environmental point of view. In order to satisfy particular requests, we can design and develop tailor-made solutions, proposed both in solid and emulsion form, depending on the final application goals.

The technologies we use are:


Thanks to a tailor made plant (unique in Europe), which allows obtaining homogeneous pearls in composition and size, allowing easy management of the formulations thus obtained.


Processing that allows to obtain specific synergies with different wax concentrations with the possibility of customization on request.

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Practical evolution of our steady attention to sustainability and environmental impact reduction. Technological combination of waxes easy to prepare in water – Ideal choice for product process optimization.


Ready-to-use stable waxes synergies for a wide range of applications and treatments. Result of cutting-edge R&D processes focused on organic solvent-free formulations.


Special waxes to achieve higher results by meeting the requirements from different markets

Natural Identic

Ethical alternatives to natural waxes developed in order to preserve the environment. Sustainability for all three categories (Ecological, Economical and Social).


Standard grade waxes from natural, mineral and synthetic origin applied to several applications and markets.

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