Technological Polymers

Performance and Versatility

The multi-purpose range
The ABPOL line includes a multi-purpose range of rheological modifiers.

These powerful gelling agents are able to bring stability to the finished products and demonstrate good compatibility in alkaline environments.

Cost-in-use thickener
The thickening effect of the aqueous phase is useful in order to obtain an excellent efficiency in terms of cost-formula.
The consolidated production of ABPOL line polymers has always and only used high quality raw materials, to give:

  • High effectiveness
  • High stability
  • Applicative versatility

Ideal partner for innovation development

abpol line:
products portfolio


High molecular weight cross-linked polyacrylate powder, excellent thickening and anti-settling agent which, introduced in low proportions in an aqueous medium, gives a high viscosity and low sedimentation coefficient


High performance polymer designed for very high viscosity applications, Specific technology, controlled reticulation, High viscosity performance compared to Carbomer market leader


Is the third generation fo rheology modifiers. It is issued from a particular technology made of controlled reticulations that allows to obtain a unique powder.


Acrylic copolymer in easy-to-manipulate aqueous solution which acts as a rheological modifier and emulsion stabilizer. It allows the creation of gels very quickly through simple and immediate processes.

L1 / L1 PLUS

Powerful acrylic polymer crosslinked in liquid form with thickening effect for formulas based on surfactants, giving remarkable thickening, suspension and stabilization properties of the solution.

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