Brasca has been producing chemical ingredients and specialties since 1946 for several industrial applications.

Thanks to decades of experience, Brasca has developed easy-to-use innovation that reduces production times, optimizes cost / efficiency and reduces processing waste.

The portfolio of ingredients is offered in slabs, pearls, micro-pearls, flakes and emulsions, ensuring the satisfaction of any physical form request.

Both the basic products and the specific products are supported by complete technical and regulatory dossiers, to help our customers make the best choice from a process and from an environmental point of view. In order to satisfy particular requests, we can design and develop tailor-made solutions, proposed both in solid and emulsion form, depending on the final application goals.






Tailor-made System

Brasca develops tailor-made formulations and ingredients for diverse applications, produces waxes in user-friendly forms such as pearls and drops, and markets internationally both its own-brand and distribution products.

Time to Market

In order to develop successful partnerships, Brasca stands as a perfect meeting point between production and market, thanks to its focused approach towards the specific needs of its customers.



High performance waxes, the result of a non-stop research in innovation, always in respect with sustainability

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Ecological, flexible and high performance surfactants for every formulation and application need

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Multi-purpose range of technological polymers for various industrial applications

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Thanks to its expertise the company has settled many strategic partnerships, and today Brasca is working in more than 40 countries with a strong network of exclusive distributors.