Our range of powders is the result of our continuous search for sustainable and high-performing ingredients. Through the use of green chemistry processes, we have developed technologically innovative powders that are respectful of the environment and people’s well-being. Our line includes sensory agents, texturizers, and natural-derived exfoliants that are an alternative to microplastics.

We are committed to providing innovative and sustainable solutions without compromising on the quality of our products.

Celus-Bi® Feel

Celus-Bi® Feel is the brand-new solution to sustainably formulate in cosmetics, since it represents a biodegradable alternative to plastic microbeads. Thanks to its spheroidal physical structure, it helps compactness, oils absorption with consequent matte effect and overall formula gliding effect. Soft-focus effect, sebum control, carrying activities for active ingredients, fragrances and UV filters complete the ingredient performance profile.

Celus-Bi® Feel 5: low granulometry
Celus-Bi® Feel 10: medium granulometry
Celus-Bi® Feel 20: high granulometry


VeLLvet is an extremely fine natural powder, derived from L-Lysine and Lauric Acid, which can be used as an effective texturizing agent in many personal care applications.
Thanks to its unique formula, VeLLvet gives formulations a velvety touch and a unique sensory experience.


Our Silica line stands out for its high purity, thanks to the use of an innovative and exclusive production process that ensures the absence of nitrogen contaminants that can be harmful to human health and the environment. The different particle sizes available allow us to offer customized solutions to our customers’ needs.
Thanks to its extremely fine texture, our Silica allows a “soft focus” effect on the skin, giving the face a soft and velvety touch.


Alumina powder represents our alternative solution to natural sapphire powder, perfect to add a touch of prestige and luxury to any cosmetic formulation, improving both the product’s sensory qualities and spreadability.
Additionally, thanks to its lamellar structure, this powder is capable of providing a soft-focus effect on the skin, evenly reflecting light evenly and giving the complexion a brighter, smoother and more uniform appearance.