Sustainable, natural waxes obtained from a transparent and ethical production chain for the development of high-performance cosmetic formulations.

ABWAX® Sunflower Pearls

Sustainable wax from vegetal origin
Texture and consistency agent
Easy-to-use pearl form

ABWAX® Rice Pearls

Sustainable and renewable sources
Derived from noble by-products
Easy-to-use pearl form

ABWAX® Rhus Pearls

Sustainable wax of plant origin
Excellent oil release capacity
Easy-to-use pearl form


Waxes with the aim of creating ethical choices for sustainable formulas, where the richness of nature is preserved to protect the inner nobility. The line is developed through the synergy of renewable and sustainable raw materials, capable of achieving very high performances.

ABWAX® Mimic Beeswax ABWAX® Mimic Beeswax MK

Vegan friendly alternative to Beeswax
No animal derived raw materials
Highly innovative mimic technology

ABWAX® Mimic Candelilla SC ABWAX® Mimic Candelilla LP

Zero impact on local agriculture
Natural-like candelilla wax
Safe for people & environment

ABWAX® Mimic Carnauba

Excellent structuring wax
High heat stability
Ethical and sustainable alternative


Beeswax Line is made up of natural and synthetic beeswaxes that allow you to create, through a control over the production chain, an ethical way of preventing the abuse of bees.

ABWAX® White Beeswax FU ABWAX® White Beeswax Pearls

Natural beeswax
Highest grade of beeswax
Pharmaceutical grade beeswax

ABWAX® Yellow Beeswax Virgin and ABWAX® Yellow Beeswax Pearls

High quality cosmetic grade beeswax
Ethical cosmetics friendly
Traceability and ethical sources

ABWAX® Synthetic White Beeswax Pearls and ABWAX® Synthetic Beeswax SD1

Beeswax alternative of synthetic origin
Comparable in performance to natural waxes
Mimics the behavior of beeswax by imparting viscosity to the formula


Microcrystalline waxes formed by Colipa Compliant Waxes. ABWAX Micro LA 80, MA 90 and HA 92 are also BHT Free waxes. The purpose of this line is to allow the formulator to have waxes with different oil absorptions and diverse drop points, in order to create unique and high performance products.

ABWAX® Micro LA 60E, ABWAX® Micro LA 72, ABWAX® Ceresin LA 74, ABWAX® Micro LA 76, ABWAX® Micro LA 80 and ABWAX® Micro LA 90

Low Absorption Rate, from 60 to 90

ABWAX® Micro Ozokerite78, ABWAX® Micro MA 82, ABWAX® Micro MA 84 and ABWAX® Micro MA 90

Medium Absorption Rate, from 78 to 90

ABWAX® Micro HA 84, ABWAX® Micro HA 86 and ABWAX® Micro HA 92

Hight Absorption Rate, from 84 to 92

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