At Brasca we studied a wide range of new generation waxes that represents a re-interpretation of classical waxes in an eco-sustainable key, totally in line with our values.

Thanks to the full control of the production chain, we are able to manufact our waxes faithfully reproducing their peculiarity, with a plus: a strong reduction of their environmental impact.


Sustainablenatural waxes obtained from a transparent and ethical production chain for the development of high-performance cosmetic formulations.

ABWAX® Sunflower Pearls

Sustainable wax from vegetal origin
Texture and consistency agent
Easy-to-use pearl form

ABWAX® Rice Pearls

Sustainable and renewable sources
Derived from noble by-products
Easy-to-use pearl form

ABWAX® Rhus Pearls

Sustainable wax of plant origin
Excellent oil release capacity
Easy-to-use pearl form


Waxes with the aim of creating ethical choices for sustainable formulas, where the richness of nature is preserved to protect the inner nobility. The line is developed through the synergy of renewable and sustainable raw materials, capable of achieving very high performances.

ABWAX® Mimic Beeswax
ABWAX® Mimic Beeswax MK

Vegan friendly alternative to Beeswax
No animal derived raw materials
Highly innovative mimic technology

ABWAX® Mimic Candelilla SC
ABWAX® Mimic Candelilla LP

Zero impact on local agriculture
Natural-like candelilla wax
Safe for people & environment

ABWAX® Mimic Carnauba

Excellent structuring wax
High heat stability
Ethical and sustainable alternative


Beeswax Line is made up of natural and synthetic beeswaxes that allow you to create, through a control over the production chain, an ethical way of preventing the abuse of bees.

ABWAX® Yellow Beeswax Virgin e ABWAX® Yellow Beeswax Pearls

Natural beeswax
Highest grade of beeswax
Pharmaceutical grade beeswax