Brasca’s experience matured through years of activity on the market contributed to develop a working method that has quality, high performances and finesse of details as prerogatives. This mentality plays a key role: it represents the tradition and the values, the foundation on which the company is built, as well as the inspiration to design and build new innovative solutions starting from known technologies, always taking care and in respect of the green chemistry principles.

The aim for innovation contributes to position Brasca as a leader in providing applications of ingredients. Working at a physical level, the chemical structure of the ingredients is not altered and this contributes to maintain their features while at the same time achieving better results.


Tradition & leadership Partnership


Brasca’s technology is developed and employed everyday in our laboratories and in manufacturing sites: all our efforts are oriented to foster sustainable production and guarantee high quality standards.

ISO 14001:2015 – Environmental Management System
ISO 45001:2018 – Occupational Health and Safety Management System
ISO 9001:2015 – Quality Management System
ISO 22716:2007 – Cosmetics – Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)
GMP EFfCI – Cosmetic Ingredients Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)
ATS CERTIFICATION (Reg. (CE) 1069/2009) – IX section
Plant authorization for the handling of animal by-products (Beeswax) or derived products for purposes outside the feed chain.

Tradition and Leadership

Brasca’s strong tradition is the result of the deep expertise matured during the years of activity in the industry. It is the foundation of who we are, a company that takes advantage from the wide know-how to grant a complete experience and vast knowledge of the market.

Brasca has always been ahead of times, employing and reshaping already known technologies in innovative ways. This working method granted the company a leader status: dynamism and high professionalism are an integral part of Brasca’s DNA, making us able to handle and to satisfy customers’ requests in an agile and timely manner.


Brasca’s high-performance products are manufactured with the 100% resources used concept firm in mind: this is Brasca’s milestone and strength, which enlights all of our actions. The company’s business model has evolved best to maintain and expand its know-how. Today the planet’s resources are running out, and it is in this environmental emergency that Brasca designs and manufactures products based on performance materials with minimal impact, able to bring ever better results with the lowest possible energy impact.

NIP® Program

It is the set of good practices and corporate objectives developed with the aim of minimizing the extreme exploitation of our planet’s resources, whilst measuring the company’s social, economical and environmental impact. In this sense and through the daily actions of Brasca and its employees, the company believes that a tangible and lasting result can be achieved. Brasca’s control over the supply chain is always accurate and updated to maintain high standards of quality and effectiveness: company’s commitment is an approach to the future guided by innovation and by business models and processes compatible with the pace of resource regeneration.


Real partnerships are only possible if mutual will to grow together is in place: this is what Brasca is able to offer to its partners. We are a company made up of creative people, able to add our artistic vein to our work and to approach requests and needs from different perspectives, coming up with the perfect solution for our customers.

Brasca’s strength lies in the company’s ability to follow the client through every step of the process, thanks to the support and the ideas that the company is able to provide to its customers in the research and development phase, thanks to the vanguard laboratory, as well as for what concerns the production process.


Brasca has a deep knowledge in terms of quality control, technical and regulatory assistance. Brasca’s on-site quality control laboratory has allowed us to grant constant quality and performances to our ingredients, meeting all customer requirements and ensuring their satisfaction.

On the other hand, our technical and regulatory assistance expertise is at disposal to answer all questions about new applications, custom combinations, functionalities and uses, in order to help our customers to find the best reference or blend of references to achieve the objectives.

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