BaseMe® by Brasca

BaseMe® line by Brasca was born with the aim of providing easy-to-use and simple solutions able to reduce products’ time to market. The performance concentrates are suitable for different types of production, and are thought to increase both quality and performance of the finished product thanks to the innovative technologies from which they are born.

BaseMe® is the vanguard solution in personal care ingredients that embrace clean beauty and sustainability standards’ formulating demands, in a unique and concrete product. Transparency and safety guided the choice, creating a synergy of ingredients that simplifies the formulating process and give a time saving product ready to be customized just adding your preferred shades of color.

BaseMe® Lip Roma

The most beautiful city in Italy: Rome encloses thousands of years of history, from whose walls transpires culture and tradition, giving it the status of eternal city.

BaseMe® Blush Venezia

Venice is known throughout the world as a romantic destination, and it is with this spirit that we approached the product that has its name.

BaseMe® Eyeshadow Portofino

Seaside destination par excellence: Portofino! With its multicolored houses overlooking the changing sea, is the perfect symbol of the expression of color and happiness.

BaseMe® Highlighter Capri

There is no place in Italy where the sun shines more than in Capri. The play of light on the sea, at any hour of the day, competes with that of the stars and the moon at night.

BaseMe® Lip&Cheek Taormina

Taormina is a city that is rich of history and tradition, where art and culture are intertwined with amazing landscapes.

BaseMe® Gloss Milano

Milano is the fashion capital: a city where nightlife is always flourishing, where glamour, fashion and luxury encounter, merging in a unique play of lights at night.

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