Don’t follow. Lead.

Leader in the application of performing sustainable materials

BRASCA at a glance

Brasca produces and develops high-quality performance ingredients: the extensive know-how cultivated during the years in the industry allows us to be recognizable. The quality of our products, together with our cutting-edge and vanguard technologies and the constant passion we put daily at work, grants us a leadership position.

We can support your idea by driving you through the complexity of the market: our continuous search for innovative solutions and performances contributes to consider Brasca as the ideal shoulder to rely on when thinking about a new project. Our way of working, expressed through the care for details and the pursuit for the best possible result, allows us to emerge from the crowd.


Brasca aims to be the bridge between the search for ever more innovative solutions and the full respect and preservation of the environment surrounding us.


Our heritage outlines our actions: we are constantly focused on finding new ideas and solutions to innovate known technologies, reimagining them under a sustainable perspective.

Brasca is a proud member of ROELMI Group, and as a part of it, it strongly shares and promotes the sustainability philosophy embodied by the NIP® Program.


Thanks to the company’s constant inclination to research and the will to offer ever more innovative solutions, Brasca has enriched the technologies available, starting from waxes technologies and coming to powders, liquids and emulsions.


Brasca’s products are declined on various needs and different performances. Developed starting from known technologies, they are made up of ingredients of the highest level and respond not only to the rules in the NIP® Program but also to the increasingly important needs inherent to the theme of sustainability.

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