A Glance

BRASCA in a glance

Don’t stop looking for what can make the difference. This is the mantra with which Brasca has been involved every day for 70 years to mix ingredients and create high-performance products, totally in line with environmental protection.

Born in a century  that ran at different paces, Brasca was able to evolve over the years acquiring know-how and anticipating rapid changes, in order to offer solutions to the more and more demanding cosmetic market.

How we think

Brasca wants to be the pivot between innovation and sustainability, where the constant search of what can really make the difference blends with full respect for the environment and the desire to preserve its biodiversity: pillar of the ROELMI group since its birth.

Tradition is our starting point, but our gaze addresses the continuous evolvution that constantly creates various and immediate needs.
Every day we strive to quickly design the right products for this market.
We don’t read the future. We anticipate the needs.

How we act

The heart of our innovation is the careful selection of raw materials: a fundamental aspect to obtain high quality products.

The secret of Brasca lies in working synergistically and in constantly sharing information, ideas, visions and projects within the team so that it can be dynamic and efficient.
Sharing means designing together, but also supporting each other, and it is with this very meaning that Brasca cultivates its collaborations, thus managing to quickly reach set targets with the best results.